Of Mike’s many accomplishments and attributes perhaps his most noticeable quality, is his sincere interest in helping people.


He has a natural ability to connect with everyone he meets and a genuine attentiveness and respect for their opinions and concerns.


Mike Dawson

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My name is Peter Lawrence,  I am a retired professional engineer with a post graduate engineering university degree, who has built 10 companies over the past 30 years and dealt with many levels of government here in Canada as well as in 20 other countries.


I have known Mike Dawson for about 10 years. He is intelligent, he has an impressive personality, he can communicate effectively and he is dependable. Mike is a very helpful man who came to our rescue when the 2019 floods were threatening our property and also when that flooding had the potential of carrying our large riverside gazebo down river.

I recommend this young man who is business and community minded to be selected and I support him becoming the dynamic City Councillor that I believe he will be.   –Peter Lawrence

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 Getting to know Mike Dawson and how he works has shown us that he is definitely the right person to get the job done and done well.  


Mike is always happy to offer a helping hand and he is very passionate about making our neighborhoods safer, cleaner and more efficient.   Mike is focused on real, everyday issues that affect our community such as simple permitting processes that can put hardworking residents through more of a financial strain.  He cares about transit and the LRT issues, crime and safety issues, as well as making sure our neighbourhoods are safe.

Our  favourite thing about Mike is that he is committed to making the neighbourhood safer for our children!  Better lighting in parks, regular garbage removal, managing/removing offensive graffiti and even working towards keeping ticks at bay with better landscaping ...these initiatives are extremely beneficial to the safety of each and every child - as well as to all our parents and our loving family pets.   On October 24th, Vote Mike Dawson.  Remember:  #TogetherWeCanDoBetter!  

Lindsay Moffat

Director, R.E.C.E

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