Community Safety


Growing up in Ottawa’s west end his entire life, Mike has witnessed the shift in first responder challenges in properly keeping our community safe. Community confidence is eroding, and the lack of consistent police and ambulance staffing and coverage has been critical. Mike will commit to using his voice to address these challenges on your behalf.

Crime has no boundaries, and crime prevention takes a village. In a shifting landscape, Kanata South needs a strong representative to lead on keeping our community safe.  Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), a proven concept, is one of Mike’s approaches to safer communities.


Crime decreases if the opportunity to commit the crime is reduced or eliminated. CPTED works by eliminating criminal opportunities in and around private and public spaces. Better lighting in parks, better sightlines in high-risk areas, managed graffiti, and public garbage removal are but a few applications that could be addressed. 

In 2021, Ottawa’s crime statistics were up across all major indicators and Paramedic and Ambulance response times have hit critical response levels.

Transit/ Unreliable Bussing

  • In  Kanata South the real problem is reliability.

  • Kanata South residents may get LRT in 2032 but until then they are reliant on busses to get them to work, to school, to meet friends or attend medical appointments etc.

  • We need to realign transit to where people are actually going.

  • Residents are fed up with the lack of reliable schedules and frustrated by the fact that whenever the weather is difficult that the priority shifts to downtown.

  • Cancellations are on the rise and the transit crisis must end.  


Public Realm
Neglected recreational green-spaces, parks & facilities


The pandemic changed the way we live and work, with many Kanata South residents still working and raising a family from home.

Mike believes strongly that the City of Ottawa should revise its priorities to meet our new reality, with much needed changes like once-a-week garbage pickup.


Mike believes that there should be garbage bins placed in the parks and that there should be once-a-week garbage pickup (easily coordinated with groundskeeping crews) -particularly during the summer months. 

Ontario provincial public health units have reported a whopping 76.5% increase since 2020 in the distribution of ticks that can transmit Lyme disease. Mike knows that the areas surrounding children’s playgrounds in Kanata South as well as multiple walking paths are  being ignored.  The current UPTick project and on-line flyers are not good enough. Mike would direct city maintenance crews to cut back the tall grass and low shrubs along all paths and  protect  Kanata-south residents.


Mike also supports the creation of a designated dog-park to not only promote outdoor recreation and walkable neighbourhoods but also to provide for a safer and cleaner community. Let’s give Kanata South dogs (and their families) a park of their own to socialize and enjoy.


Mike believes the lack of aquatic sports/recreational activities for youth and lack of community police presence in the community is a recipe for disaster. 


Mike would like to see basic groundskeeping services at multi use paths (MUPs) and parks returned to the level they were at when his family moved into Kanata South. 

Red Tape


It’s time to get rid of the red tape in the permitting process, especially for simple construction projects and home renovations.


It is time to stop penalizing residents and businesses by charging hefty permit fees for something as necessary as a wheelchair ramp.