I was born and raised in Ottawa. I settled in Kanata South (Bridlewood- Emerald Meadows) ten years ago with my wife Robin, who is a practising architect and we have two children entering primary school and daycare (as well as attending Ottawa Nature and Forest School). 

After being a husband and a dad, I’m a business man. I founded my company One Blue Planet Contracting in Kanata, where my team and I provide solutions to homeowners and businesses alike. In addition, I practice real estate for another enterprise I own, Dawson Homes.


It’s my work in these fields that has led me to appreciate the very real challenges and frustrations that come with homeownership and the multiple priorities parents face when raising a family in Kanata South.


Over the last ten plus years of working with my clients and neighbours I’ve come to understand many of the municipal issues and service shortcomings so often overlooked at city hall that need addressing. 


In short, through my work in the community I’ve become an advocate for myself, my family, my clients and especially my neighbours! 


My priorities are their priorities: higher taxes yet fewer services, delayed/cancelled buses and unreliable schedules, bi-weekly rather than weekly garbage pickup (especially in the summer) poorly maintained roads, potholes, green-spaces, increased tick bites due to poorly maintained paths, overflowing garbage bins, half-cleared snow and ice on the streets leaving elderly parents trapped in their homes, lack of affordable youth recreation,  stolen cars and million-dollar drug seizures. Residents no longer feel safe at night and they are very concerned that ambulance and police response times are getting worse and not better. 


From a business perspective the trades I work with are tired of the red tape associated with any kind of home improvement building permits.   Even a permit for an accessible wheelchair ramp takes weeks or months and permit costs are outrageous.


Most important, residents do not feel that their concerns are being heard at city hall.  

That’s why I’m running for council! I am confident that my hands-on approach can deliver results.   #Together we can do better.